Stamped with a #WhosBAD trending seal of approval comes the late King of Pop‘s twenty-something achievement, in which the artist’s landmark 1987 album, Bad, turns a quarter-century old, and Epic Records readies a whole goodie basket of re-mastered CDs, original cover art, posters, remixes, unreleased sessions and the prized loot of the bunch – a copy of the infamous ’88 Wembley Stadium concert, that Epic is claiming was “sourced from Michael Jackson’s personal VHS copy of the performance as shown on the JumboTrons during the concert,” in addition to being “the only known copy of the show to exist.” Bad as just a record, though, was on of the only times MJ conquered songwriting duties and production in one masterful swoop, as opposed to Thriller and the sparkling touch of producer Quincy Jones. Which is why when MJ eponomymos howls “Who’s bad?” well, you get the point. Meanwhile, Epic has a visual teaser for you: