Comedian Jon LaJoie (also known as Taco from The League. or Mr.Everyday Normal Guy“) threw together another one of his tongue-in-cheek parody songs recently, but this time targeting society’s collective uproar over Miley Cyrus‘ discretions over nudity and twerking. Although he released it only two days after her infamous VMA performance, the internet never really gave it the viral stamp of approval in the following weeks. Maybe because we don’t like realizing we’re hypocrites?

Regardless, set to the tune of Kid Cudi‘s “Pursuit of Happiness,” so goes the track that iterates a cultural frustration yet to be articulated finer, that LaJoie has dubbed, “Miley, You’re a Good Girl;” [LISTEN].

Not only does LaJoie remind us that Cyrus is simply doing what every single female pop star has done since the dawn of music, but he also hints not so subtly at the glaring double standard we’ve applied to Cyrus and out-of-tune VMA duet partner Beetlejuice Robin Thicke who preemptively sued Marvin Gaye‘s estate after ripping off the cowbell intro of Gaye’s iconic “Got to Give it Up.”

While “We Can’t Stop” is about kids partying until dawn with the aid of MDMA (deal with it, America – she’s just following the burgeoning market EDM gave us), the sexual gestures throughout are all of her own accord. “Blurred Lines,” on the other hand, is simply a nude celebration of “what a pleasure it is to degrade a woman” according to the man himself. Miley may perch her bare ass on a “Wrecking Ball” from time to time, but at least she’s not making others do it while feeding them the sexual assaulter’s favorite pickup line, “I know you want it.” She’s an exhibitionist, and he’s just rapey. As a result, we’ve crucified her and praised him – evidenced in YouTube like-to-dislike ratios.

But more importantly, LaJoie wants us to keep in mind that Cyrus’ charades are no different from your typical night of Gaga or Madonna, except that Cyrus’ moves are more spastic. Oh, and we knew her as a pretty talented child star before she got R-rated. To agree or not to agree with LaJoie?

The line’s no longer blurred you crossed it and upset the nation
Don’t get us wrong, we’re super cool with objectification
But it’s hard to watch you play that part, we’ve known you for too long
So please go back to singing the Hannah Montana theme song
And we’ll go back to watching others do exactly what you did
And we won’t be offended cause we can not picture them as kids
And we’ll be cool with videos with women prancing around naked
And it won’t be sexist as long as the song’s a number 1 hit

We want topless women in our music videos
We want pop stars acting like they’re in a porno
We want it and we gettin’ what we ask for
But when Miley does it we say “Oh my God No!!”

Miley, oh Miley
You’re upsetting everybody
By being so slutty,
Unlike all the other pop stars…