Dozens of high profile, mostly republican politicians have used pop classics on the campaign trail without the composer’s consent.

Usually, it’s a jingoistic warmonger obliviously using a track that denounces ‘Murican violence. I.e. most recently, Make Donald Drumpf Again’s use of Uncle Neil‘s “Rockin’ in the Free World.” 

In other cases the track’s content is irrelevant — never forget the McCain-Palin maverick ticket of 2008 — but there’s always a gulf of political difference between the artist and politician, the latter of whom is either ignorant of trademark law, or willfully ignores it. These matters are often settled privately.

However, in the case of Mike Huckabee v. Survivor (i.e. the time the Bible-thumper played “Eye of the Tiger” for a free-Kim Davis rally), we actually get a hard figure for the payout. Huckabee’s presidential race dropout status has recently left his campaign expenses public. And, since he threaded Davis’ refusal to do her government-mandated job into his campaign, this was listed as an expense.

It turns out Survivor won $25,000 — half of this Huckabee has paid, the other half is hopefully on its way.

In his defense, at least he understood and properly used the lyrics, unlike many others.