A Twitter user’s photoshopped take on Justin Bieber getting choked by Post Malone in April of 2016 at a Houston nightclub; Photo: @ThomasNassif

Justin Bieber‘s music is somehow dividing a mother and child. A 21-year-old man from Michigan allegedly choked his mom after the two argued about the lyrics in one of Justin Bieber’s songs.

The report from Traverse City Record-Eagle says Bieber’s song came on the car radio as the son, his 41-year-old mom, his 70-year old grandmother, and a 17-year-old girl were driving along. One thing led to another and “a verbal argument ensued regarding certain lyrics,” according to authorities.

The mom pulled the car over, climbed into the back seat and reprimanded her son. He was not to be disrespectful in front of his grandma. The son then reportedly choked his mom (you know, like any good son would do).

The son was arrested for suspicion of domestic assault and is sitting in the county jail. All because of what the Beibs’ and his army of cronies lays down on the lyric sheet.

We don’t yet know what song caused the scuffle, but perhaps, maybe it was his collaboration with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi on “Despacito,” which is, well, insufferable. Though they could all be fans, the world may never know.

And though we don’t condone violence over here at SONGLYRICS over very much of anything and hope this woman and her family are alright and safe, please accept this joke about what happens when Bieber is on the receiving end of a choke hold — it turns into renaissance art.