Out with the bummer part first – Michelle Obama will not be rhyming herself. Laced with interviews and sound-bites though, of the FLOTUS in public service mode, comes a project none of us would have predicted would drop a day after Kendrick Lamar blew up Twitter with a lesson in socially accepted egoisms – a 19-track hip-hop album called Songs For a Healthier America.

Studded with a bevy of psuedo-fading pop and hip-hop stars from Doug E. Fresh to Ashanti and Matisyahu, working in conjunction with Hip Hop Public Health – yes, this is a real organization – so goes another cheesy exercise in attempting to trick kids and families to use their brains before putting things into their stomachs. This is why Yo Gabba Gabba! was invented, people. Nevertheless, once done un-scrunching your face to the cringe-effect of Dr. Oz and Artie Green‘s talk-rap flow, there are truisms in this first high-spirited taste called “Everybody:”