Andy ‘MC Bugg Z’ Lima in the official video for ‘Tick Check 1-2 (Lyme Disease Prevention Rap)’; Photo: YouTube

Andy Lima may not be a household name, but the young biologist from Fairfax, Va is quietly becoming the Nas of the science community. Lima (a.k.a. MC Bugg Z) has dedicated his life to public health, and he’s working tirelessly so that people won’t overlook something as innocuous as a bug bite.

Now that summer has arrived Lima has returned with a rap that warns people about the dangers of Lyme Disease, the most commonly reported vector-bone illness in the United States. MC Bugg Z opens with a clear motive, rapping on a track called “Tick Check 1-2 (Lyme Disease Prevention Rap):”

Yo, MC Bugg Z
We’re dropping rhymes to target Lyme Disease
Calling attention to prevention
So please use repellent and do a tick check

Bugg Z continues his crusade, explaining in detail the symptoms of Lyme Disease and where ticks are most likely to be found. He raps:

Upper Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast
Nod your head if ya got bullseye rash, fever and fatigue

The health department is using the video to inform people about the disease and how the public can protect themselves. If you suspect that a little critter has hitched a ride be sure to, as Lima mentions, “Take a shower ASAP when you get back inside, check your body with a mirror, because ticks like to hide.”

If all this sounds somewhat familiar it’s because a couple years ago Lima took the time out to write a rap about the Zika Virus. Both videos are equally compelling and while corny on the surface it’s a smart way to engage the public and inform them about diseases that with precaution are preventable.