Pushing on with his 22-year-old mashup geniusry, that spitfire DJ upstart we’ve been keeping tabs on this year, Carlos Serrano, is back with another beat kitchen special. Increasingly uptempo, the Adele/Daft Punk stacking strode into the blogosphere something chill, while early June’s Lana Del Rey/Kanye West twisted lacing brought hip-hop into the mix. Though here, Serrano’s created a much different beast, spackling “the lyrical” Biggie Smalls‘ “Machine Gun Funk” over neo-Dido Brit-pop sensations Ellie Goulding and her lovers’ lament of an alt-radio gem, “Under the Sheets,” to create “Under the Funk,” respectively. It’d be an untruth to say it’s Serrano’s best hodgepodgery – thug life praise and “boy” woes don’t mix all that well – but it’s his best balance of lyrical balance so far. Both Goulding and Biggie get equal vocal sample treatment. And Biggie’s Tina TurnerWhat’s love got to do” harmony butchering is priceless in its new sonic home. Are we in agreement here?