Born This Way,” “Express Yourself,” so go two sentiments by two pop stars that each are haunted by, for their similarities, for their differences, Madonna‘s stance, Lady GaGa‘s stance, etc. Madonna of course being twice the age of Lady GaGa, has the seniority card, here, for the most part playing a good Queen of Pop, praising GaGa’s “Born This Way” as a “wonderful way to redo my song.” Whereas the Big Monster was quick to lash a tongue, dubbing the relationship “retarded.” “If you put the songs next to each other, side by side, the only similarities is the chord progression,” GaGa said to NME. She says a lot of awesomely crude things, though. Madonna seems to retroactively think so, anyhow, following up her “wonderful” comment with a “reductive” amendment on ABC’s 20/20 earlier this year. At any rate, the tawdry feud seemingly continues, as Madge has been caught rehearsing the mashing of the two songs in question for her upcoming MDNA world tour, seen here on this leaked footage in Tel Aviv, sneaking a tease of 2008’s “She’s Not Me” on the back end, as well. So what have you, reader, what do you think Madonna is saying with this rehearsal statement, here?