Rapper Mad Skillz; Photo: gotmadskillz.com

Virginia rapper Mad Skillz has returned with his annual year end wrap-up. As most years do, 2017 went by in a blur and there was a variety of highs and lows for Skillz to choose from.

Skillz raps over 50 Cent’s “Big Rich Town” beat, and discusses everything from Jordan Peele’s blockbuster film Get Out and the sexual assault scandals that rocked Hollywood to the women’s march that took place in the nation’s capital.

Skillz opens with the line:

I never seen a year like this year, so many twists and turns
A whole lot of losers, we all lived and learned
So listen up Ima keep it a buck
This the Mad Skillz ‘2017 Rap Up’

In addition to rapping about popular culture at large, Skillz also takes a moment to self-reflect and examine the state of hip-hop. He raps about the Jay-Z and Kanye beef, the rise of Cardi B and Lil Uzi Vert and of course Beyonce‘s pregnancy. He also takes a jab at the popularity of mumble rap, emphatically stating:

Some of y’all should sit down and just be humble, music had a little rap and a whole lot of mumble

Of course no year end wrap up would be complete without a few shots at Donald Trump. Skillz raps:

Eminem got in his bag and he came for Trump
And he the year biggest blunder
Everyday we wake up and just wait for him to do something dumber
Looking at the sun, what nobody told him?
If he did have some shades LiAngelo stole ’em

Skillz packs a wealth of headline grabbing tidbits into “2017 Rap Up.” He touches upon North Korea, Bitcoin, net neutrality; anything that went viral he mentions, yes spinners as well.

In the end Skillz acknowledges that 2017 was crazy, and that sometimes you just need to “throw the whole year away” and start anew. Here’s to 2018.