Things we’ve learned from ‘K’-Dollar-Sign-Ha‘s sophomore effort Warrior so far: she can pounce like a panther and sip beer like a tiger. All the boys want her “coochie.” She spends too much energy on “stupid shit.” And a handful of other trash-pop proverbs. iTunes is streaming the magic before its December 4 drop proper. But get to wrapping your head around what being a twenty-something fan of Iggy Pop and auto-tune is all about before the world has to go to battle with this thing:

Warrior‘ – “On your ass, we’ll pounce like a panther.”


Die Young‘ – “That magic in your pants, it’s making me blush.”

Thinking of You‘ – “Are you having fun, with your fugly girlfriend?”

C’mon‘ – “Feeling like a sabertooth tiger, sippin’ on a warm Budweiser.”

Dirty Love‘ – “All I need is to get in between your sheets.”

Wonderland‘ – “Living out of my car, those were the days.”

Crazy Kids‘ – “I’m fresher than that Gucci, them boys they want my coochie.”

Supernatural‘ – “Baby when we’re touching in the dark, can you feel it?”

All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)‘ – “I’ve been spending too much energy on stupid shit, when honestly, I wanna get high.”

Love Into the Light‘ – “Maybe it’s about the time to let all of the love back in the light.”