Bille Joe Armstrong’s still in rehab. Mike Dirnt’s shouting ¡Quatro! teases. ¡Uno! and ¡Dos! are still flopping like stinky pop-punk throwaway fishes. But hey now, it’s Tre Cool’s turn to don the cover of this whole “epic as fuck” trilogy opus. So its chance ¡Tre! does deserve. However, upon first lyrical impressions, we can’t but help get three-chord jabbed into a self-loathing BIllie Joe stupor again. Here’s a fair, but revealing first-look at the project’s final witticisms so far:

Brutal Love‘ – “Hello stranger, I’m a disaster.”


Missing You‘ – “Loss my nerve, it’s unnerving.”


Drama Queen‘ – “Everyone’s drama queen is old enough to bleed now.”


X-Kid‘ – “You’re not so young, but you’re still dumb and you’re numb to your old glory.”


Sex, Drugs & Violence‘ – “Sex, drugs and violence, English, math and science.”


A Little Boy Named Train‘ – “A rat inside a maze, I got no destination.”


Walk Away‘ – “When you fall, you’re gonna need a parachute, or a used pair of shoes to go and walk away.”


Dirty Rotten Bastards‘ – “Calling all demons, this is the season, next stop is therapy.”


99 Revolutions‘ – “How the fuck did the working stiff become so obsolete?”


The Forgotten‘ – “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s like a child that was left behind.”