Of the many things you can find at a party called “Bro-Down” are these Brooklyn via Minnesota rockers calling themselves Taurus. Yes, like the astronomical sign. It means bull, as well all know. But bullish they are not. Unless you know the tale of Ferdinand, that coolsville bull who cared not for bull fights but rather the smell of flowers.

Or so it went at the college rager they were playing at – an obvious indie-rock bred quartet in the vein of Elliott Smith‘s first band Heatmiser, lacing exact sludgy guitar jabs over laid-back pop. The room was clear at the start of their set, kids opting for an adjacent area DJ and some stock club-bangers.

Slowly though, these kids started latching on – one curious doofus even dancing with a mannequin – to a BOSS-y Americana cut Taurus hasn’t put on record yet called “Money Man,” in which frontman Chris Morrissey car-seat croons a roaming highway-packaged chorus:

I want to move fast but I gotta go slow
I got a grip so tight but I gotta let go
I saw this coming but I can’t say no
And I know damn well what it’s like to be alone

Talking to Morrissey in the driveway of the “Bro-Down” house, he would share that the song’s about, surprise, a girl. And a dude, actually, who said girl spurned Morrissey because he was “successful.” In turn Morrissey wrote this singsong tune about slowing your roll. Or in his words, “Allowing the consciousness of desire to change you.” Which is exactly the kind of lackadaisical zen that Ferdinand found.