Largely considered the defining song of Motown’s pinnacle 1960s moment, with three flicks of a wrist, Diana Ross, and The Supremes brought Holland-Dizier-Holland gem “Stop! In the Name of Love” to sparkling infamy.

If you were a cheatin’ heart on this day in 1965, you were screwed — doomed to “think it over.” “In the name of love,” of course. Just about the only production team to rival Phil Spector‘s lauded Wall of Sound, even with its injection into nostalgic popular song, the combination of Ross’ crystalline leads, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard’s soulful call-and-responses and the Funk Brothers’ vibraphone kissed R&B bouncy backbone hit this secret earworm key that you couldn’t help a.) mimic in stop-sign wrist action, b.) snap your bittersweet finger to and c.) choir-fill Ross’ cathartic verses with a little a cappella:

I’ve of know your secluded nights

I’ve even seen here maybe once or twice

But is her sweet expression

Worth more than my love and affection?

But this time before you leave my arms

And rush of to her charms

Think it over