With the Stones‘ 50th anniversary gigs — 50 years, and counting! — behind them, let us roll back the clock just a smidgen less to 1964, opposite their first gig in 1962, at a moment in television history on this day that just laces a lyric sentiment so perfect, we don’t know what to do with our rock and roll hearts.

Following The Beatles and The Beach Boys historic appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show earlier that year, Mick Jagger and the British gang brought a new devilish threat that conservative America couldn’t deal with apparently, Sullivan infamously banning the group because of riot-like fandom — though they didn’t really get banned — viewers from afar Western Union-ing in hate mail — people got ridiculous. All while the band opened with a smirking rendition of Jerry Ragovy’s “Time Is on My Side.”

Seems to be, friends, that’s a damn true temporal statement:

Time is on my side, yes it is