In a sad state of posthumous legacy affairs, not even a year after Johnny and June Carter Cash passed away, Merle Kilgore, who co-wrote the 1963 gem “Ring of Fire” with the late country elite, tried to stoke a deal with Florida advertising agency Big Grin Productions to feature the song in a hemorrhoid-relief commercial.

Members of the dignified Cash family still alive, mainly Johnny’s daughter, Rosanne, of course shot it down just to watch it die, citing the idea as “moronic.” “We would never allow the song to be demeaned like that,” broke Rosanne’s retort to the  AP on this day in 2004, followed by the timeless second punch: “The song is about the transformative power of love and that’s what it has always meant to me and that’s what it will always mean to the Cash children.”

Kilgore, who passed in 2005, immediately apologized, claiming he didn’t mean “to upset the Cash family because [he] love[s] them.” And it’s not like Johnny didn’t have a sense of humor. But c’mon now man, beware the yellow-eyed monster known as the advertising business, with a check they can sully even the finest of sentiments, especially love:

The taste of love is sweet

When hearts like ours meet

I fell for you like a child

Oh, but the fire went wild

I fell into a burning ring of fire

I went down down down

And the flames went higher

And it burns, burns, burns

The ring of fire