Though the official date roams, today circa 1962 is considered the day the BBC decided Bobby “Boris” Pickett‘s brilliant Halloween gem “Monster Mash” would not receive play on UK airwaves, released just that previous August, as it was deemed “too morbid.”

Jesus you Brits were uptight. Dude skewers the ‘mashed potato’ dance craze, slaps it with a doo-wop call-and-response choir and bangs out a viral, singable tale about Frankie-the-Stein and crew gettin’ down with mad scientist DJ “Boris” – an instant party classic – and in you come with the censorship buzzkill.

Moving on away from Britain’s lame-ness, Frankie and the “Monster Mash” crew turn 55 this Halloween season. And though we didn’t include it in our Zombie Rockpocalypse playlist, here’s to its mainstay status on forever October playlists and the “graveyard smash” that “[caught] on in a flash:”

From my laboratory in the castle east

To the master bedroom where the vampires feast

The ghouls all came from their humble abodes

To get a jolt from my electrodes