Testament to Ringo‘s ability to bring something to the solo table, kooky blues jam, “Back Off Boogaloo,” dropped on this day in ’72 quickly became notorious for its supposed cryptic skewerings of fellow Beatle, Paul McCartney, following the beak-up lawsuits of 1970 – ‘Boogaloo’ taken as a nickname for Paul, “don’t pretend that you’re dead” perpetuating the ‘Paul is dead‘ legend and music-nerd so on.

Though Ringo has since deflated that sentiment numerous times, citing ‘Boogaloo’ as just a silly word his friend Marc Bolan (T. Rex) uttered a few times too many one night. Which doesn’t explain the tension still happening in the song. Nor George Harrison‘s free-wheelin’ guitar bits. But somewhere between a line about giving a protagonist “something tasty” and a video featuring a picnic with a flower-toting Frankenstein, genius happens:

Back off Boogaloo
I said, back off Boogaloo
C’mon, back off boogaloo, boo

Get yourself together now

And give me something tasty
Ev’rything you try to do,
You know it sure sounds wasted