Dropped on this day in 1978, post-punkette icon Patti Smith saw a huge awareness spike in the art she was creating with the release of “Because the Night.”

Considering a retirement from the performance end of the biz, the story goes that the BOSS, recording Darkness on the Edge of Town in an adjacent studio in NYC while Smith, likewise, was recording Easter, the BOSS encouraged Smith to do something with the song he was having frustrations with, and Smith put her indelible spin on it, turning a vulnerable ballad into a lovers anthem of the night. Of course with Smith, the poetics run deep:

With love, we sleep
With doubt, the vicious circle
Turn and burls
Without you I cannot live
Forgive the yearning burning
I believe it’s time, too real to feel
So touch me now
Touch me now
Touch me now
Because the night belongs to lovers