Iconic manchester punks, the Buzzcocks, caused a ruckus in ’77 when they unleashed the wry slashings of “Orgasm Addict,” singer Pete Shelley mimicking the veritable O-face howl.

Though it was a week after the Sex Pistols left conservative minds frothing at the mouth with Never Mind the Bullocks, EMI workers were far from desensitized and went on strike, rather than pressing the ‘absurdity’.

So went the same hilarious story on this day a few weeks after with a split seven-inch containing the b-side “Oh Shit,” a blasphemous train of misfit honesty that pissed off those diligent stampers of hot wax so maddeningly so, they up and left the plant. There are few things that history can truly call punk — “Oh Shit!” is a perfect middle finger to one of them:

Oh shit, I thought you and I were friends
Oh shit, I guess this is where our love ends
Oh shit, I thought things were goin’ well
But it hasn’t turned out so swell

Has it
Oh shit
Oh shit