Sammy Hagar rides a cop for his lack of speed law coolness in the official video for ‘I Can’t Drive’; Photo: Vevo/YouTube

In 1974 Big Brother decided to institute a National Maximum Speed Law across all highways and byways imposing a 55 mph speed limit, attempting to tarnish American’s need for speed because of some silly oil crisis.

Whether or not state legislatures and motorists actually followed it is another story, one overshadowed by Bill Clinton’s bill signature on this day in 1995 to give power back to the states.

With all due respect to victims of high-speed car crashes, we pay homage to a sweet American freedom to push the pedal a little further to the medal, with 1984’s favorite hair metal bastion of the road warrior spirit, Sammy Hagar, and lightening fist-howl, “I Can’t Drive 55:”

Write me up a 125

Post my face wanted dead or alive

Take my license, all that jive

I can’t drive 55, oh, yeah