Mickey “Muscles” Mantle, the greatest switch-hitter to cross the mound retired in 1968 after a 17-year stretch in the MLB. In 1969 on this June day, the New York Yankees gave the same honor to his jersey and legacy, simultaneously declaring the date “Mickey Mantle Day.”

Mantle conquered many a feat over the years, both on and off the field, but 1956 was his glory year. Or in the words of his biography, his “favorite summer.” It was the year he took the Triple Crown, MVP and caught the ball that saved Don Larsen’s perfect game. And fans naturally loved him for it.

Especially a young pop starlet Teresa Brewer who cut this cheeky duet with him during the heat of it all, simply dubbed “I Love Mickey,” that made friends with the Billboard charts quite nicely, peaking at #87 on the Top 100. The xylophone and brass-led banter is priceless. Even more than Mantle’s singing chops. It gets a little Betty Boopy with repeated listens. But with a line like “I’d like to be fly ball and pop right in his arms,” how could you quit?


I love Mickey (Mickey who?)
You know who
The fella with the celebrated swing

Oh, I love Mickey (Mickey who?)
You know who
The one who drives me batty every spring

If i don’t make a hit with him
My heart will break in two
I wish that I could catch him and pinch a little woo

I love Mickey (Mickey who?)
Mickey you (Mickey me?)
That’s who

I love Mickey (Mickey who?)
You know who
His muscles are a mighty sight to see

Oh, I love Mickey (Mickey who)
You know who
The one I want to steal right home with me

Oh, I’d sacrifice most anything to win his many charms
I’d like to be a fly ball and pop right in his arms

I love Mickey (Mickey who?)
Mickey Mantle, ooh, I love you
(Who, me?) ooh, I love you
(Not Yogi Berra?)

Ooh, I love you