The “love song” is a misnomer. Or obsolete, rather, as a case really can be made for every song ever made containing some bit of love. Stopping, buyinghurting, tenderizing, interrupting, it’s all been done a thousand times over, and forever will continue to be, as it’s what, contrary to contemporary economic belief, makes the world go ’round. Today being Valentine’s Day, we’re obligated to pluck one representative jam that speaks for them all.

This being impossible, and songs about the “drunk” and “naked” animal hide-whipping roots of the holiday on the slim, we’re going classic 60s Stax Records soul, from the king of the genre, Otis Redding, because, one more universal truth about love – sometimes, even words howled like they’re their heart’s last, can’t do the emotion justice:

Please, let me sit down beside you
I’ve got something to tell you, you should know
I just couldn’t wait for not another day
I love you for more than words can ever say