Aside from John Lennon‘s off-mic ad-libs about the ‘oddness of making sounds while superimposing’, celebrated with a giggle from Yoko Ono, the first quantifiable lyric on the infamous couple’s first record, Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins, is a batshit shriek first from Yoko, followed by John at around 4:30. Considered an avant-garde flop, this, and its wobbling clatters and string-scraping, meandering melodies, should have been why 30,000 copies of the record were seized by New Jersey police at Newark airport on this day in 1969. But it wasn’t.

Instead, the world considered it pornographic, on account of John and Yoko’s decision to grace the cover of the record with their birthday suits. Something sacred and functional to them, as the all-night jam session was an auditory moment of their love consummated, the record wound up getting distributed eventually, but covered in sheaths of grocery-bag paper. To think of the desensitized strides we have made since. Nevertheless, here’s to John and Yoko’s first freedom shriek in lyric form:

Yoko: Ayayaaaaaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaaa

John: Aiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaa