Credit: Richard B. RessmanMaster of the neon modern blues, Chicago staple Buddy Guy was birthed down in Lettsworth, Louisiana on this day in 1936, migrating up north some 20 years later to be in the presence of Muddy Waters and the rest of the windy city crew that impregnated his mind with the art of tension and release.

Guy, now 78-years-young, has 26 records to his name, and more importantly the same tenacity he lit up the post-war scene circa 1956 with, making his guitar cry at a legendary residency in January at his namesake club in Chicago where he still champions his ferocious style. Ferocious on the fret-board is one thing, but the magic factor that keeps Guy a knee-bender is the howl that emits from the man and his pen, as cathartically captured on 1970 gem, “Stone Crazy,” alluding to a woman so “stone down crazy,” the song’s achy heart hero almost up and heads “back down south.” Thanks for hanging around, Buddy. Happs to the birth:

Woman you must be stone down crazy
Either you’re going to lose your mind
Yes I said baby you must be stone crazy
Either you’re going to lose your mind
Yes I wanna know how could you treat me so dirty baby
You must think my little heart is made of iron