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Lupe Fiasco has never shied away from controversy, and his most recent tweets prove that he won’t be letting up anytime soon. The Chicago-born rapper has claimed that Kendrick Lamar is not an elite lyricist.

The tweet, which has since been deleted read:

“I’ll put it to you like this. KDot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars. His overall lyrics are good his stories phenomenal BUT punchline entendre lyrically I don’t see it.”

Lupe Fiasco then went on to bring up “Control,” and said that it was over-hyped and didn’t live up to his standards.

“I’ve never been destroyed,” Lupe tweeted in response to a fan. “Also the only issue that the world thinks I have with K. Dot and I actually do is that I think his ‘Control’ verse was wack and super overhyped to be a verse claiming you are the best rapper. It was very weird. I was told it was just bait, but still.”

Dave Free (President of TDE) responded to Lupe by tweeting, “@LupeFiasco go kick & push yourself into a tree with these wild allegations.”

In truth Lupe Fiasco may have a point. In “Poe Man’s Dreams (His Vice)” Kendrick raps:

And don’t call me lyrical
’Cause really I’m just a nigga that’s evil and spiritual
I know some rappers using big words
To make their similes curve
My simplest shit be more pivotal

Both Kendrick and Lupe approach rap in a different way, and as a rap scholar Lupe is always going to sound off when he feels he has a point. To put the conversation to bed, Lupe eventually crowned Aesop Rock as the lyrical champ that all rappers should be studying.

Lupe tweeted, “My final opinion on rap in public. And I swear to God. It’s this. @AesopRockWins is the best rapper in the world right now. The definition of top tier in all categories. And you should all study him and step ya shit up. Even Me. This concludes my opinion on rap forever.”