Silver Lake’s resident poster indie-rock set, Local Natives, are taking their aggressive, swirling Grizzly Bear evocations into new air, with the impending release of sophomore effort, Hummingbird (January 29). Although when news broke of the quartet heeding to the siren calls of Brooklyn producers, we were apprehensive. But they wound up in Aaron Dessner’s (The National) garage studio, cutting shimmering tracks like “Heavy Feet” and “Breakers.” So all is right with the world. And though the tension is high in both of these single teasers, there’s a newfound freedom in their respective choruses. Dig on the vengeful catharsis of the former, repeatedly snapped awake with a handclap: [LISTEN]

Careful what you say next, don’t waste a scene, you’re drunk

What you said I wrote it down, won’t say, won’t speak – the same

After everything, after everything

Left in the sun, shivering

After everything

Considering that their debut record, Gorilla Manor, was named after the house that they started writing together in back in Orange County, opening tracks with rabble rousing hollers and piano plunks, pining for lost loves, The National anthemic sonic effect is fierce, here, creating the same bittersweet paranoia of Gorilla Manor, but with a possible way out. “Breathing out, hoping to breathe in/I know nothing’s wrong but I’m not convinced,” the band coos on “Breakers,” pleading over reverb-blissed guitar chimes later, “Just don’t think so much, don’t think so much,” an internal philosophy that just may see Hummingbird take a much more resounding flight than their debut, no?