"Reincarnated; Photo: N/A"Snoop‘s never been afraid to venture into the unknown. So when he decided to go to Jamaica for his latest project Reincarnated, it nary raised an eyebrow. It’s an easy effort to dismiss. On the surface it’s really just a crude fusion of reggae and rap, a gaudy vision produced by the trendsetting Diplo. But lyrically it offers a different angel, a side of Snoop you don’t see often. He’s not that carefree, whirling dervish anymore – no more bitches and hoes, no more gin and juice. Instead it’s all about love and unity. This is LBC’s finest entering the twilight of his career, trying his best to age gracefully. So five examples of how Snoop is ready to enter a new chapter.

Smoke the Weed

Rebel Way; Photo:N/A

It’s pretty obvious that a boat load of ganja was smoked on this trip. And it’s even more obvious that a song like this was going to appear on the album. It was just a matter of how tactful it was going to be. And once you get past all the superlatives, it does offer up a different side of old Snoop. He’s waving the environmental flag, oddly. He’s never worn that cap before. But it makes sense because without Mother Earth there’ll be no room for, well, yeah – weed: [LISTEN]

Me just can’t stand it
Global warming make the whole world panic
Take care of mother earth cause she be the planet
Youth man don’t go astray

Tired of Running

Tired of Running; Photo:N/A

Titling the album Reincarnated is a bit of a misnomer. It’s a realization more than anything, a moment of clarity, rather than a complete identity overhaul. Snoop’s 41 now, and hardly in the position to be wielding his mighty pimp hand like he used to. So what does he do? He takes a nice long look at his life, and says he’s done with it. It still remains to be seen if Snoop Lion will turn that corner, and Bunny Wailer certainly has something to say about it. But for now it’s refreshing to see Snoop settle into his role as hip-hop’s benevolent uncle: [LISTEN]

If you knew how far I came
From where I am and where I used to be
I don’t want it, you can tell by the look at me
This gangsta life ain’t no longer in me

Ashtrays & Heartbreaks

Ashtrays & Heartbreaks; Photo:N/A

It’s clear why Miley Cyrus is here. A short time ago she smoked her first joint and in a moment of clarity realized just how lame she really is. She then reinvented herself to be like M.I.A. or Rihanna and approached Snoop so she could parade around, brandishing her newfound identity. What a mess. This song should be buried and forgotten about forever. What this equates to is Snoop showing his young daughter Cori B. – who’s also on the album – that the old man can be cool too. A classic dad move if there ever was one: [LISTEN]

Tonight there’s gonna be a whole lot of smoke in the air
Blow it hard for the ones who ain’t here
Seems like everyday we putting one six feet underground
So bless, what goes up must come down

Fruit Juice

Boulevard; Photo:N/A

Jump in a time machine back to 1993 and tell Snoop, during the video shoot to “Gin and Juice,” that in 20 years he’ll be swapping out the hood elixir of choice for natural fruit juices. He’ll either slap you in the face or thoughtfully say it’s possible. Truth is not only is it possible, but it’s a seemingly intricate part of Snoops life (or at least Snoop Lion’s life). He does draw a loose parallel between the natural fruit juices and the beautiful women around him à la Tupac. But for the most part he keeps it classy: [LISTEN]

Natural juice never Sprite
Feel me grab the upper tide
No drink the Red Bull
Because she don’t believe the hype

Harder Times

Harder Times; Photo:N/A

If you check the footage that Vice shot for the album you’ll hear over an over again how organic the whole process was. And that’s a stretch. Almost delusional really – to think that in just a few short months a person of celebrity status could absorb the realities of another country. But that still doesn’t mean Snoop didn’t experience an epiphany of sorts, which is that the disfranchised, to some degree, are the same no matter where you go. He’s no cultural ambassador, but it’s a solemn nod to those grinding it out on the daily: [LISTEN]

I’m tired in the morning till late at night
See mama scraping for nickles and dimes
On the salary she’s making we can barely survive
Tell me is there something greater in this life