One of the few acts to actively embrace the trailer trash culture, valley girl Ke$ha arrived on the pop scene in 2009 with an image that appeared to have been modelled on the ‘intergalactic hooker’ look of Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” video and a hedonistic electro-pop sound that was almost as grubby as her tales of peeing in the sink at the BRIT Awards. Despite claims that her second studio album, Warrior, is less about partying and more about vulnerability, the majority of its 12 tracks are still pre-occupied with themes of getting wasted, waiting for the world to end and getting wasted whilst waiting for the world to end. Here’s a look at five of its most tawdry lyrics:


Keeping it real with talk of Hooters, warm Budweiser and a corner Maximart, Ke$ha wastes little time in brazenly announcing her promiscuity on a carnal call-to-arms which sits at odds with its contrastingly sweet Katy Perry-esque sound. If the well-worn lollipop metaphor might be just a little too subtle for some, then the declaration that she just wants to stay up all night and screw around should make her lustful intentions crystal clear: [LISTEN]

Feeling like I’m a high schooler 
Sipping on a warm wine cooler 
Hot ’cause the party don’t stop 
I’m in a crop top 
Like I’m working at hooters 
We been keeping it PG 
But I wanna get a little frisky 

Crazy Kids

Impressively managing to rhyme something with Gucci not once but twice, Ke$ha tries to convince everyone yet again of her party-animal status on a moronic slice of synth-pop which would probably make the of the late 90s weep with horror. Now 25-years-old, she’s pushing it a bit by describing herself as a crazy kid. More like someone vainly attempting to cling onto every last bit of her youth by trying to get down with the crazy kids: [LISTEN]

I’m fresher than that Gucci
Them boys, they want my coochie
I say nope, I’m no hootchie
Your homegirl hatin’, I say who she?
Ke$ha don’t give two fucks
I cam to start the ruckus

Dirty Love

Placed next to a true wildman of rock n’roll, you’d expect Ke$ha to sound like a slightly meek impostor, but surprisingly she holds her own on this rollicking old-school glam-rock duet with the man who is bizarrely now best-known to British audiences as a puppet for a car insurance advert. With lines like ‘champagne tastes like piss to me,’ there’s little romance on display but this lust for life is one of the few occasions when Warrior’s down-and-dirtiness feels natural: [LISTEN]

Cockroaches do it in garbage cans

Rug merchants do it in Afghanistan

Santorum did it in a V-neck sweater

Pornos produce it

But a wild child can do it better


At first glance, the PG-friendly sweet nothings of this Nik Kershaw-borrowing electro-pop anthem seem fairly inoffensive. But its ‘talk of touching in the dark’ and ‘wanting the darker side’ take on a slightly bewildering meaning when you learn that the object of Ke$ha’s affections isn’t the Edward-style vampire or Jacob-type werewolf that you might expect but inexplicably, a ghost that in real life, she actually claims to have slept with. The mind truly boggles: [LISTEN]

Come, take me by the hand
Wanna cross the line, baby, go ahead
‘Till the morning light, watch my silhouette
‘Cause you know tonight we’re gonna wake the dead

Gold Trans Am

You have to hand it to Ke$ha, she doesn’t pussyfoot around. Straight-talking as ever, she lives up to her man-eating reputation by virtually commanding her presumably cowering prey into her classic car so then she can inspect his goods. Shamelessly stealing from both Queen and AC/DC, “Gold Trans Am” is arguably the best of the handful of tracks which prove she wasn’t totally away with the fairies when she claimed that Warrior was influenced by some of classic rock’s greats: [LISTEN]

Pedal to the metal,
Lookin’ straight amazin’.
I can’t help all the hell,
That I’m raisin’! (Sorry)!
Stoppin’ traffic like,
An ambulance,
Try’na get my hands,
In your one-dollar pants.