CSSWith New Young Pony Club missing in action, Late of the Pier and Shitdisco disbanding and Klaxons still recovering from difficult second album syndrome, Brazilian quartet CSS appear to be the last true survivors of the whole nu-rave movement that briefly enamoured hipsters in the mid-00s. Their first release since the acrimonious departure of guitarist Adriano Cintra, who has since claimed that the band can’t play their own instruments and have allowed fame to go to their heads, fourth LP, Planta, may feature a slightly more polished production (courtesy of TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek). But skipping from dream-pop declarations of lust to art-rock odes to rowdy cats, it still retains their usual ADHD charm. Here’s a look at five of its most absurd lyrics.


CSSCo-written with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, the space-age carnival of lead single “Hangover” is a fair indication of the madness ahead as Lovefoxx invites a whole host of extra-terrestrial beings to help her drown her sorrows after breaking up with the man she was previously prepared to walk through the gates of hell with. A fine addition to their drinking songs cannon following the equally inebriated singalong of their self-titled debut’s “Alcohol:” [LISTEN]

If you have problems come to me
In Pluto they don’t wait a thing
Let’s get happy drinking Bloody Mary
I don’t want to be your sour cherry

Too Hot

CSSIgnoring the disapproving voice of her mother, this playful venture into mid-90s dream-pop sees a completely smitten Lovefoxx unashamedly announce her lust for the man who leaves her blushing, sweating and exhausted after every hot under the collar encounter. Perhaps a case of too much information, although admittedly, you should never really expect a conventional tale of passion from the band responsible for “Let’s Make Love & Listen to Death From Above:” [LISTEN]

When you touch me so deep

I feel the fire all over me

It makes me burn like red hot chilis

And like the snake I shut my skin

Frankie Goes to North Hollywood

CSSIt may not be an homage to the HI-NRG synth-pop of Holly Johnson and co. But this electro-funk love letter to a gay best friend who left his “shitty town” for the bright lights of Los Angeles still has both feet firmly steeped in the 80s. Lovefoxx’s pleads for him to return so they can once again check out basketball players and watch trashy daytime TV is strangely sweet, if slightly desperate. But the fact that he has since changed his name suggests he has little desire to revisit his roots: [LISTEN]

Look inside our closets

See who did come out

Get all the weed off your father’s fridge

Watching bad TV

I know it sounds strange

But that’s what you mean to me

The Hangout

CSSThe only track to really embrace the electro-reggae sound they previously explored on La Liberacion, “The Hangout” sees Lovefoxx adopt the persona of a terrifying man-eater whilst on a girls’ night out. Harassing her poor, unsuspecting prey with a series of persistent requests, the man in question doesn’t appear to be that impressed. But after roping in the rest of the group to help with her prolonged attack, it seems unlikely that he’s going to have much say in the matter either way: [LISTEN]

Oh, these are my friends

Carolina, Ana and Luisa

Are you by yourself?

Not any more

Teenage Tiger Cat

CSSKicking off with a similar thudding intro to New Order’s “Blue Monday,” before some woozy robotic vocals and rowdy post-punk guitars are thrown into the mix, “Teenage Tiger Cat” was inspired by producer Dave Sitek’s pet, who turned from a cutesy kitten to a troublesome adult-sized cat over the course of the album’s recording sessions. But despite its playful intentions, it fails to recapture the amusement that such a transformation obviously caused in the studio: [LISTEN]

Pole-dancing polar bears

House of dogs and cats

Chinese stars from the zodiac sign

Wild animals dance

Doesn’t matter what their kind