Luke BryanAfter reaching number one on the Billboard 200 for the first time in his career earlier this year with drinking songs collection, Spring Break… Here To Party, country boy-next-door Luke Bryan promised that his fourth studio album, Crash My Party, would showcase a “deeper, different side” to his Georgia character. But apart from the genuine sense of loss displayed on “Drink A Beer,” the follow-up to 2011’s Tailgates & Tanlines is still very much a fratboy-friendly affair obsessed with girls, cars and alcohol and occasionally girls in front of cars drinking alcohol. Here’s a look at five sets of lyrics which show how the 37-year-old is in danger of becoming Nashville’s answer to Van Wilder.

That’s My Kind of Night

Luke BryanLearning nothing from the car-crashes of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s “Accidental Racist” and Florida Georgia Line and Nelly’s “Cruise,” Bryan opens the record with an equally misguided venture into hick-hop which posits that referencing Conway Twitty and T-Pain will immediately establish some sense of authenticity. Even more objectionable is the unashamed sexism on display as Bryan commands his “pretty girl” to “scoot” her “hot little self” over to his side and attend to his every need: [LISTEN]

That's My Kind of Night

Beer in the Headlights

Luke BryanTeetering on the brink of self-parody, the rousing arena country of “Beer In The Headlights” sees Bryan become increasingly hot under the collar at the sight of one of his many dixie land conquests dancing in front of his ride with a cold one in her hand. Initially resembling a reenactment of an 80s hair metal video, the whole scenario turns slightly seedy when Bryan starts to bellow a string of compliments in the manner of a smarmy strip club owner:

"Beer in the Headlights"

We Run This Town

Luke BryanThe first of two tracks that wallows in the nostalgia of a teenage bromance, “We Run This Town” sees Bryan attempt to shake off his goody-two-shoes image on a self-aggrandising tale of how he and his fellow dirt road king conquered their rural neighbourhood. However, despite his revolutionary claims, their reign appeared to consist of little more than trying to lead the innocent girls next door astray and driving around in their four wheels just slightly above the speed limit:

"We Run This Town"

Blood Brothers

Luke BryanDespite previously admitting on “Crash My Party” that he’d give up a night out with the boys at the drop of a hat for a night in with his girl, Bryan now insists that he’s definitely a “bros before hos” kinda guy on an unashamedly soppy ode to a long-time buddy who he’s closer to than his next of kin. Having already received a blow to the head for protecting his BFF, Bryan’s claims that he’d also be prepared to take a bullet once again suggests that the men in his life are treated with far more respect than the women: [LISTEN]

"Blood Brothers"

Out Like That

Luke Bryan

Revealing his slightly warped idea of the perfect romantic night, the driving country-rock of “Out Like That” sees Bryan take great delight in recalling the time when he took a lucky lady out onto a back road in the middle of nowhere and went ‘country crazy.’ Once again declaring his bizarre fetish for automobile illumination, this appears to mean shining the glare of his Chevy’s headlights onto the poor girl while he rolls her around in rain-soaked mud:

"Out Like That"