"Ripely Pine;" Photo: N/ADespite being a baby-faced starlet barely old enough to drink Lady Lamb the Beekeeper approaches her songwriting with gutsy professionalism. Her debut album, Ripely Pine, illustrates those abilities in broad strokes, never wavering and full of courage. She approaches her writing with blunt honesty and leaves her emotions out like an open book, weaving together fractals of her youth in surprising and mature ways. At times her narratives get a bit lofty, which at its worst makes them seem more dramatic than they actually are. But what makes her special is her ability to color those moments with some off-kilter, often crass lyrics. After a close examination, here are five lyrics that’ll trail her ascension to stardom.


 ‘Hair to the Ferris Wheel

Hair to the Ferris Wheel“Hair to the Ferris Wheel” starts off innocently enough, but within the first few notes of the hook it’s clear where she plans on taking things. She wails in earnest conviction over mild acoustic riffing, messages stinging like a young lover feeling pain for the first time. It’s got the same gut-wrenching motives as say a pre-strung, Janis Joplin would have, but with a level of innocence exclusive only to Lady Lamb’s experience. What impresses most is her stab at capturing love’s seemingly endless contradictions: [LISTEN]

Love is selfish
Love goes tic toc, tic toc, tic
Love knows Jesus
Apples and Oranges


AubergineIt can take a lifetime to realize that the gaping void that exists within a person can at times be their greatest and most defining characteristic – keeping them in constant pursuit of the unknown. She seems to be coming to terms with that concept here, albeit in a delicate manner. Perhaps she needs to go through the ringer once or twice more to capture the full effects of that isolation. But as of right now, “Aubergine” is certainly a fine example of it, she seems willing to share her experience without an ounce of reproach: [LISTEN]

I was unborn when I was younger
But I was rebuilt when you spoke
I awoke when you spoke

Crane Your Neck

Crane Your NeckEven by off-kilter singer-songwriter standards, Lady Lamb doesn’t have a great singing voice. Most of her conviction banks off emotion alone. But with a steady diet of disciplined writing she can more than overcome that minor obstacle. In the meantime she’s relying heavily on metaphor to do the talking, which is where “Crane Your Neck” finds itself – mapping out a coming of age tale where all the innocence of her youth seems to be zapped away in grandiose fashion: [LISTEN]

I’m as calm as a baby lamb that is being led
I’m as blue as blood before the blood goes red
And how it hurts even in the sun
It’s a goddamn joke how we can hurt even in the sun

Little Brother

Little BrotherLady Lamb isn’t shy about her love for her little brother. She openly talks about this song saying that it was inspired by a dream she had where she had to save him from drowning. She claimed he was as light as a newborn baby. The temptation might be to read deeper into this than need be. But the way Lady Lamb delivers, it reflects nothing more than a deeply profound love for family: [LISTEN]

Now I dream of the sky running towards me liquid like an ocean
My little brother is there and I carry him like a newborn
Seems I’m always lifting him to escape from rabid beasts

You Are The Apple

You Are The Apple; Photo:N/AWith lines like “I need your teeth around my organs” it’s a wonder if Lady Lamb is the type of girl to take her love to freakish levels, like a girl who would drink a person’s bath water just to prove a point. Still, she manages to smooth that notion out with a series of wailing mantras. Lyrically it’s not as strong as others, but it does show how effortlessly she can channel her emotions: [LISTEN]

I need your love
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I still need your teeth around my organs