George StraitHe may be a decade younger than most of The Rolling Stones, but George Strait’s current The Cowboy Rides Away tour will be his last after admitting he doesn’t want it to get to the point ‘where no-one shows up.’ But although his live retirement is imminent, the King Of Country has no plans to slow down when it comes to the studio, as evident by his 28th studio album, Love Is Everything, a collection of heartfelt songs pre-occupied with the theme of relationships, break-ups and the euphoria of young love. Here’s a look at five sets of lyrics which prove that even at the age of 60, Strait hasn’t lost any of his twinkle-eyed charm.

The Night Is Young

George StraitProof that despite his impending exit from the live stage, he’s not ready for the pipe and slippers brigade just yet, this suitably hoedown-friendly anthem sees Strait try to sweep the object of his affections off her feet with the promise of a night at a hideaway which parties until the sun comes up. The beats might not exactly be pumping but the EDM’s army of superstar DJs could learn a lot from such an old-fashioned ode to having fun in a club:

It’s been a while since that old sun departed

Let’s take our time and finish what we started

The night is young, the sun’s been down a long time

Let’s throw ourselves a night to remember

‘Til there’s nothing left of this place but burning embers

The night is young but the sun’s been down a long time

I Just Can’t Go On Dying Like This

George StraitOriginally recorded for the Texas-based D label in the 70s, several years before he became a household name, this gentle waltz-like ballad proves that Strait has always been engrossed with the subject of love. Only this time round, he’s playing the helpless fool rather than the Casanova figure, by throwing any sense of dignity out of the window and begging for a second chance with a woman who he deep down inside knows is using him:

I’m driving in my car alone
You called me on the telephone
How many times will it take till I’m convinced
That you’re using me, I’m just a used to be
It’s a lie, I know it’s a lie
But I just can’t go on dying like this

Love Is Everything

George StraitThe swoonworthy title track sees Strait deliver an array of greeting card sentiments about The Big L in all its forms, whether it’s reminiscing over a first kiss, paying gratitude to the mother who went through hell on the day he was born or romanticising the ‘kicking and the cussing’ that comes with being in a relationship just as much as the ‘kissing and a hugging.’ A cynical attempt to portray himself as the ideal sensitive man perhaps but there’s little doubt that it will still melt hearts:

Love is everything

It’s a smile on your face on a cold winter day at the thought of spring

 It’s getting up at night for the cry of a little bitty baby thing

And it’s growing old

I Thought I Heard My Heart Sing

George StraitOne of several tracks where Strait appears to believe he’s about 40 years younger than he is, “I Thought I Heard My Heart Sing” is an unashamedly jaunty fusion of fiddles, ukuleles and toe-tapping beats which recalls the state of bliss that comes with love at first sight. His new beau might be delighted at being described as the girl of his dreams, but will perhaps be more puzzled when Strait bizarrely reveals that holding hands with her turns him on more than the Hoover Dam:

I went home flying high

I met the girl of my dreams tonight

A wild fire, screaming’ inside

I know it’s real ’cause my heart don’t lie

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

George StraitA potential official anthem for any organization extolling the virtues of the nuclear family, Strait recounts a conversation he overheard at a bar where one particularly lonely drinker advises his sorrow-drowning friend that instead of lamenting the loss of his freedom and the constant emptying of his wallet, he should be overjoyed that at least he has a wife and kids to share his time, money and of course most importantly, love, with. That’s him told, then:

The first guy kept talking for what seemed like forever

Said, I never have money or time like I used to

He went on and on, till the second guy finally sat down his whiskey

Looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘lucky you.’