AlunaGeorgeFormed from the ashes of math-rock outfit Colour and experimental electronica collective My Toys Like Me, London duo AlunaGeorge have been the darlings of the blogosphere ever since they unveiled their pitch-shifted electro R&B sound early last year. Channelling a similar blend of weirdly futuristic and supremely sensual sound as Aaliyah’s partnership with Timbaland, their debut album, Body Music, just about justifies all the hype. But beneath all the cutesy vocals and quirky pop melodies, Aluna Francis’ tales of doomed romance and obsessive love are often just as warped as George Reid’s array of production tricks. Here’s a look at five sets of lyrics which belie her butter-wouldn’t-melt exterior.

Attracting Flies

AlunaGeorgeShowcasing her ability to deliver the most stinging kiss-off with a disarming charm, Aluna informs her Pinocchio of a boyfriend, in the most ladylike manner, that he’s constantly talking shit. Remaining immune to his crocodile tears, she continues to show no mercy as she mocks his pitiful excuses, struggles to think of even one pro to his many cons and accuses him of being a drama queen before giving him a taste of his own medicine with a slightly deranged mixture of glee and total nonchalance: [LISTEN]

"Attracting Flies"

Bad Idea

AlunaGeorgeApparently lumbered with another useless man, Aluna initially suggests she’s going to keep her latest break-up speech short and sweet as she politely asks him to sit down for a brief tete-a-tete. However, it’s soon clear that she has no plans to hold back on the character assassination as she points out his constant whining and frowning, compares him to the unfashionable dregs of a clothes store and blasts his reckless lifestyle before revealing that she hasn’t even really started with all the abuse: [LISTEN]

"Bad IDea"

Best Be Believing

AlunaGeorgeDetermined to prove she still has plenty of sugar left in her bowl following her controlling other half’s claims that she isn’t sweet enough to talk, Aluna then takes great delight in deliberately defying his strict orders before hinting that a hurricane-sized act of revenge is about to hit his path. The playground chant-style chorus also suggests that she recorded this sassy female empowerment anthem whilst thumbing her nose, sticking her tongue out and thinking of a ‘yo mama so fat’ joke.

"Best Be Believing"

Put Up Your Hands

AlunaGeorgeSeemingly unconcerned about the comparisons between Aluna’s distinctive style and Alvin & The Chipmunks, this glitchy slice of electro-soul adds an extra layer of helium to her high-pitched tones as she moans about the constant stream of emails and voice messages from an infatuated ex who still can’t let go. Despite his stalker-like behaviour, “Put Up Your Hands” is less cutting than all of her previous brush-off. But she still manages to call him confused, desperate and short-tempered before pleading with him to surrender his obsessive love for good: [LISTEN]

"Put Up Your Hands"

Lost & Found

AlunaGeorgePerhaps inspired by their recent Disclosure collaboration, this playful foray into the same classic two-step garage territory as the Lawrence brothers also proves that Aluna’s scorn isn’t just reserved for the boyfriends who have treated her wrong. Even the chivalrous aren’t immune from her tongue-lashings as she berates a perfect gentleman for failing to take advantage of her broken-hearted state when she was on the rebound whilst also making it clear, probably to his relief, that he’s now well and truly missed his chance: [LISTEN]

"Lost and Found"