"Global Warming"For as controversial a rapper as Pitbull is no one can accuse him of not having his business affairs in order. Since 2004 he’s released seven studio albums, and each has strengthened his brand to the tune of millions. But at his core Pitbull is a just that, a businessman – nothing more. And any semblance of a lyricist, if there ever was one, has long been buried under his egomanical quest for fame and fortune. For Global Warming he commissioned a grip of fleeting pop stars to compensate for his lyrical deficiencies, and the result is a dated effort, a project that easily could have been born out of the pop doldrums of the early 2000s. Here we’ve selected five lyrics that reflect Pitbull’s tactless approach to lyricism.

Feel This Moment feat. Christina Aguilera

Feel This Moment feat. Christina Aguilera

Pitbull must be very concerned with global warming if he’s going to recycle the oft sampled “Take on Me” for a hit. The break has been so ingrained into pop culture that it may as well be the official theme song for every mall in America. Pitbull’s lyrics don’t help either. His rhyme schemes are juvenile at best, and lack the type of ferocious bite that comes with a moniker like Pitbull. Christina Aguilera tries to spruce things up on the hook, but as a summery of the song it’s trite and without direction: [LISTEN]

Nice to meet you, but time is money
Only difference is I own it
Now let’s stop time and enjoy this moment

Hope We Meet Again feat. Chris Brown

Hope We Meet Again feat. Chris Brown

If you’re going to seek Chris Brown’s council on love and sentimentality, then it is time to take a nice long look at yourself in the mirror and ask what the hell you’re doing. Together Pitbull and Brown trudge through this song like two clumsy frat boys waiting for the drunkest girl at the party to fall into their laps. The track is overproduced, and Pitbull repeats the same lyrics for the entire song, which suggests that he has little respect for artistic integrity: [LISTEN]

This is the night we won’t forget
Whatever happens in the end
I just hope, I hope we meet again

Party Ain’t Over feat. Usher

Party Ain't Over feat. Usher

Partying is a constant theme on Global Warming, and this one, as the title suggests, is no different. The beat, laid down by Afrojack, pulses at a slumbering pace, giving Pitbull and Usher a simple soundscape to ruminate over. It’s just too bad that neither artist can do anything with it. Pitbull has either no writing ability whatsoever or is so unconcerned with content that he’s daring the listener to criticize him. Perhaps he feeds off this “me, against the world” mentality, but this is a lazy effort, and not even a pop star of Usher’s caliber can save it: [LISTEN]

I got answers, sharing is caring
Especially when it’s for Sharon or Karen


Drinks for You feat. Jennifer Lopez

Drinks for you feat. Jennifer Lopez

This one has all the makings of a hit, a house inspired beat with a sleek combination of sultry vocal samples and body rocking breaks. Jennifer Lopez sounds better than she has in years, and the way she flirts with the hook is enough to breathe new life into her career. The only pitfall is Pitbull who is obviously trying to copy Jay-Z’s conversational tone. If Jennifer has any creative sensibilities whatsoever, she’ll remix the hell out of this song a thousand times over to eliminate any trace of Pitbull’s ineptitude: [LISTEN]

All my women with power meet me at the happy hour
Let’s celebrate

Tchu Tchu Tcha feat. Enrique Iglesias

Tchu Tchu Tcha feat. Enrique Iglesias

Listening to this song is like listening to two amateurs trying to fumble their way through their first collaboration. Both Pitbull and Enrique rely on constant repetition to drive this one along, and it’s done in almost a begrudging way, as if they were scrambling to find some sort of common ground. The simplistic nature of this song allows no room for any sort of lyrical depth, creating a scenario where it’s all style and no substance.

I know you wanna give me a piece of that ass
I can see it in your eyes yeah yeah yeah
And you can try, you can try to fight