Credit: n/aKicking off the crazy rapping clown fiasco that is the Gathering of the Juggalos, Detroit’s Insane Clown Posse took some southern Illinois woods stage time over the weekend to defend the honor of the juggalo, citing bullshit on the FBI’s 2011 gang classification of ICP in the same realm as the Bloods and Crips, and announcing a legal investigation to vindicate themselves. Ah, the tears of a clown, when there’s no one around. Except in this case, there are plenty fans, aka, juggalos around, while the ICP circus continues with its 12th studio effort, The Mighty Death Pop!, due tomorrow (8.14.12). To honor the juggalo spirit, SL gives you, the five best lyrics we’ve heard so far. A.k.a., the twisted smiles from a clown, when everybody’s around:

Juggalo Juice‘:

If you don’t like red pop, fuck your face

Faygo, the unofficial soft-drink of the juggalo, a.k.a., “Juggalo Juice.” Despite this fist-rally of a funk-hip-hop hybrid, this is one spirited Faygo shower of a ride. Picture me Faygo-in, rather. And if you don’t dig it, well, see above. [LISTEN]

The Mighty Death Pop‘:

Let your balls hang out if you wanna/But don’t cry when they get kicked

Chasing late 70s riff-rock with a crunchy-neon hook and a soul-glow backing choir, ICP’s menacing keys plunk around per usual until this title-track sweet phrase-of-wisdom rears its hilarious head. Gang, my ass. This is just one face-paint-kinky party. [LISTEN]

Chris Benoit:

No longer steering, lost all control/Manipulation, it won’t let me go

On the other hand, those trademark keys of threat get pretty demonic here, as the clown crew dive deep into the psyche of troubled WWF wrestler Chris Benoit and his double murder and suicide in 2007. So goes the kink-factor, though. Some people are fascinated by clouds. Others – society’s failures. [LISTEN]

Where’s God?

Where’s God when shit goes down/I wanna know

At one point ICP had to actually defend the the notion that they’re a christian rock band in disguise. Joseph Bruce, half of the core that is the band pseudo-dispelled the rumor saying that they believe in God, that is all. Moral of the story – clowns are deep, especially in this fellow rolling funk number. [LISTEN]

Ghetto Rainbows‘:

Walk outside take a look up, it’s a rainbow over the city/Look back down around you, shitty

Gun shots and rainbows. Enjoy the irony, the eery-cheer glistening synth and this follow-up companion lyric on the way out – “Rainbows don’t hate or discriminate/It’s mankind’s’ fate to create mistakes.” How is the view from behind ICP-rainbow-colored specs? [LISTEN]