"I Am Not A Human Being II"Very rarely do sequels ever live up to any applicable hype. But when the bar is set so low, it’s not a difficult task. I Am Not a Human Being II is a lackluster effort, a lowbrow extension of its predecessor and a general mockery of Lil Wayne’s overall talent as a lyricist. It’s a series of chest-pounding, party jams that stir up some all too familiar tropes: loose women, fast money and illicit drugs. He relies heavily on collaborations to elevate narratives, but even those come across as lackadaisical, like one giant cat yawn after another. The cryptic artwork too, which is supposed to represent change, is a sad symbol of what this album should have been. So go five lyrics that prove that Lil Wayne’s career is on the sharp decline.

God Bless Amerika

God Bless AmerikaLil Wayne throws around baseless lyrics as though they won’t come back to haunt him. He bemoans America for alienating him, but it’s him who wanted to sit atop the ivory tower. He proclaims his leadership skills, but he’s constantly being outshone by his guests. He boasts his ingenuity as a writer, but his lyrics are nothing more than rehashes. If Wayne plans on extending his career he’ll have to take a long look at himself and reevaluate the difference between being a tortured soul and a glorified brat: [LISTEN]

Everybody want to tell me what I need
You can play a role in my life, but not the lead
If there’s a food for thought than I’m guilty of greed

Hello feat. Shane Heyl

Trigger FingerFor some reason Lil Wayne thinks he’s a rock god, an immortal that can bank on his reputation to carry a weak project. Here he tries to conjure up the same energy that Public Enemy created when they collaborated with Anthrax, but he falls flat on his face. Wayne thinks he’s blazing a trail, but he flails helplessly under the weight of thoughtless non-sequiturs. Crossing breeding genres can work, but when done carelessly it can bury you to no end. Welcome to rock bottom Wayne: [LISTEN]

See ya later alligator
Crying crocidile tears
Don’t worry I’ll be back
If her pussy like crack

Rich as Fuck feat. 2 Chainz

Rich As FuckLil Wayne is so close to redeeming himself here. Not that he has an epiphany, but it’s as close to a return to form as he’s going to get. But then, and in an act of complete lunacy, he takes a big bite out of Chief Keef, cadence and all. It’s important to note that these sort of things happen. But the blatant ripoff dilutes Wayne’s main ax, which is his originality and delivery. If he were looking to tap outside talent to buoy his career he should have looked elsewhere. This is a shameful blow to Wayne’s credibility: [LISTEN]

One time for them pussy niggas
That’s the shit I don’t like
We eating over here nigga
Fuck around and have a food fight

Gunwalk feat. Gudda Gudda

Hello“Gunwalk” is another tug at Chief Keef’s coattails. And again it’s not like Chief Keef coined the phrase ‘gunwalk’, but he jumped on it way before Lil Wayne did. Wayne’s just riding the trap trend as if to say he’s got street credibility too, which he does, but not on that level. Most importantly, though, a gun-toting Wayne isn’t where his best assets lie. He’s far more talented than this bush-league attempt. It’s just another goofy image to associate Lil Wayne with, i.e. holding a guitar wrong or walking with a skateboard: [LISTEN]

I’m strapped up nigga fuck a gun law
See me walking with a limp, that’s a gun walk
I don’t do no arguin I let the gun talk
I’m strapped up nigga fuck a gun law

Trippy feat. Juicy J

My Homies StillThe highly publicized drama surrounding Wayne’s hospitalization couldn’t have come at a better time. The question is just how convenient was it because it seems like a poorly crafted PR stunt. It wouldn’t be the first time for Wayne and it certainly won’t be the last. The bottom line, however, is the average lyrics do little to salvage this song and album. It’s as if he’s asking for tragedy to strike so he can punctuate a career that seems to have already plateaued: [LISTEN]

I try different drugs, I’m diverse
Goodbye earth, farewell
High as heavan, I is low as hell