"Wolf; Photo:N/A"As the leader of rap’s brat pack, Tyler, the Creator is the epitome of a first world sociopath – a lyrical misfit with a loose cannon for a mouth. He’s a juvenile with a reckless disposition, half molded by circumstance and half by his own creative design. He knows how to ruffle feathers, which is exactly what hip-hop needs. Forget shock rap, he’s a bold voice who says exactly what people are thinking, but are too afraid to say. Sometimes it’s hate-filled and crude, and other times it’s clairvoyant and striking. His third album WOLF is a meticulously crafted project reflecting all angels of his talents – both with the written word and on the production tip. Here’s a five course sampling of Tyler’s first steps towards superstardom.


Answer; Photo:N/A

It’s fairly clear that Tyler has issues with his old man, and on “Answers” he takes the opportunity to skewer him at every turn. The temptation might be to dig up your old pscyh 101 papers to see what’s going on here, but that would only add an anchor to a story line that’s basically being written on the fly. Hammering away relentlessly, fist clenched and all, is Tyler’s way of leveling things out. And truth is, his dad leaving might have been the best thing to ever happen to him: [LISTEN]

Mom was only twenty when you ain’t have any fucks to spare
You Nigerian fuck, now I’m stuck with this shitty facial hair
Also stuck with a beautiful home with a case stairs
So you not being near fucking fire-started my damn career


Awkward; Photo:N/A

“Awkward” is another chapter in the hilariously tragic life of Tyler, the Creator. It contains the details of a first date, every subtle emotion, and the warm nostalgia surrounding it. Screening his voice adds a thin layer of vulnerability – as if hearing his real voice recite those lyrics would somehow be the end of him. It gives him the courage to bury himself in insecurity and doubt, and detach from the possibility that he’s still infatuated with his ex; one of the best written love songs in rap in the past ten years: [LISTEN]

I’m insecure then I start to think that I do not stand a chance
But, moments, wish that I could own em or lease it or clone it
Because holding your fingertips is golden

Parking Lot feat. Mike G & Casey Veggies’

Colossus; Photo: N/ATyler may be young, but part of him has a distinctly old school vibe. His ear for the easy breeze of golden-era boom baps give him the perfect entry point to practice precise and decisive wordplay. He flexes hard on the beat name dropping everyone from Mr. Fuji and Bill Withers to Waylon Smithers. Commissioning Mike G – with his silky smooth delivery – and Casey Veggies – who butters up the hook like a pro – makes this a well constructed tip of the cap to rap’s simpler days: [LISTEN]

Pink haired Mrs, I’m her mister, sipping slurpies, bag of chips
Now show your tits for Mr. Fuji, take a picture
OF is popping like a blister, need some Listerine
Spitting got us balling like we Mr. Clean’s sister


Domo23; Photo:N/ASometimes you just have to let a 22-year-old be a 22-year-old. And for Tyler that means transforming into an amateur wrestler named Fookie Bookie, whose knack for dropping lyrical elbows from the top turnbuckle has made him a star in the backyard wrestling circuit. Despite being a ridiculously juvenile song with an equally ridiculous video to accompany it, Tyler does take time out to get serious and rip the critics who had something to say about his performance at Pitchfork: [LISTEN]

So a couple faggs threw a little hissfit
Came to Pitchfork with a couple Jada picket signs
And said I was a racists homophobic
So I grabbed Lucas and filmed us kissing

48 feat. Nas

Rusty; Photo: N/ATyler shows his serious side by addressing the drug game, something he got hip to when he sat down with Nas for a one-on-one. Instead of taking the safe, uber-conscious approach Tyler embraces the dealer’s perspective, which depending on how you look at it, is a victim in all this as well. It’s a hard scramble on the American dream, and Tyler does his best to humanize what society has deemed a monster: [LISTEN]

I sold that soap and killed black folk, I’m sorry
But I got a nice car, put my sister through school while my momma all cool, I’m sorry
I’m in too deep and I can’t see the shore, I’m sorry