"Lip Lock; Photo:N/A"It seemed like just yesterday that the world couldn’t get enough of Eve Jeffers, the lone lioness from the Ruff Ryders camp who’s lyrical prowess never seemed to get the attention it fully deserved. It’s easy to forget contributions to albums like Things Fall Apart, arguably the most complete Roots album, which is why Lip Lock sparked some intrigue. Fast forward to present day and what you have unfortunately is a once talented lyricist fumbling over her own identity. In lieu of actual lyricism she simply doles out one garish pop cliché after another – a series of social media type rants. Here are five damning examples of just how busy Eve’s been buying up her own hype.

Eve (feat. Miss Kitty)

Eve; Photo:N/AOpening her fourth studio album – her first in 11 years – with a needless kick to the groin, why she’s so upset is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it has something to do with the sophomoric amalgam of dubstep and EDM, which sounds strikingly similar to Britney Spears‘ “Toxic.” Or it could be that she just lost her edge and she’s overcompensating. Truth is the seduction is gone. In its place are a series of one liners that go nowhere. The only thing that remains from the past is Eve’s desire to say her own name about 100 or so times throughout the course of one song: [LISTEN]

You a clone of a bunch of people, go and get your own
Matter fact I don’t give a fuck, you guessed that from my tone
I’m a Philly born, bred, raised never left my bones
I’m a bossy, glossy, girl worldwide my name is known

Wanna Be

Wanna Be; Photo:N/AThe irony behind the title and what Eve actually raps about is too easy to dissect. At this point in the album she’s already embraced every possible cliché you can think of stopping just short of going Lil Kim on us. She also takes a huge bite out of Azealia Banks‘ style, which is a shame because it’s Eve that’s supposed to be the O.G. Her fans would have never predicted that she would reduce herself to this style of lowbrow, semi-burlesque type rap: [LISTEN]

Been a couple years and the game done changed
She rollin down, fucked up, so mundane
Where the real G’s at? Man fuck these lames
My money feel long so I can’t complain

Zero Below

Zero Below; Photo:N/AEve was one of the few female lyricists who made it a point to dispel stereotypes and misnomers. She exuded empowerment without being too preachy – a difficult thing to do. Especially in a genre as male dominated as hip-hop. That spirited attitude is gone now, buried underneath some suspect lines. And true, she wasn’t Susan B. Anthony to begin with, but she did have integrity. Though after this display it’s official – she’s been assimilated and is an active cog in the hype machine: [LISTEN]

And I’m a greedy bitch, man I don’t like to share
Whole world mine, yea yea it ain’t fair
They said I turned cold once I made my millions
I know you’re mad, my success really hurt your feelings

Grind or Die

Grind or Die; Photo:N/AEve provides a glimmer of insight into where she’s been all these years – overseas looking to make some international coin. The only problem, and what she didn’t realize, is that once you take a step outside the current rap climate, jumping back in too soon is almost a surefire way to kill your career. Everything about her flow sounds dated. And not in a nostalgic, throwback sort of way either. If she wanted to do it right she should have got herself acquainted with the right producers and wrote some lyrics from the heart: [LISTEN]

It is what it is, I’m a lyrical dream
Show some respect and bow down to the queen
I’m sittin’ pretty, haute couture culture
But don’t doubt me, I’m a pure bred hustler

Never Gone

Never Gone; Photo:N/AThroughout the album Eve is constantly looking for a fight, as if her stance against an opposing force is the only thing that can give her a voice. That M.O. finally catches up to her, and closing out the album with this weak jam is another example of how far she’s fallen. She talks about progress like she’s the Eve of old, that Philly born stick of dynamite with an immediate sense of control. But that’s not her anymore, the struggle is gone, her fire has been extinguished by the fruits of her own labor: [LISTEN]

Show the world all the greatness that I possess
Gotta keep it pushin’ keep on making progress
If a beautiful rose can grow from concrete
Then there’s no reason for me to accept defeat