Credit: n/aFollowing the news of two new albums at the end of May, in which the iconic hip-hop crew announced Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp and The Evil Empire of Everything in tandem with the group’s 25th anniversary, Public Enemy quietly dropped “Get It In” via YouTube over the weekend to tease everything along. Sampling that familiar funky-drummer beat that backboned the rise the intelligent side of the genre from which they spawned, some familiar skewerings take spotlight from Flavor Flav’s “me against the world” interjections to Chuck D dropping “jewels to inform the fools,” including a perfect guest spot from Bumpy Knuckles hitting upon the forever contentious battle of fair use that still plagues the band – “Copyright law that will leave you a sloppy right jaw.”

Not attributing it to which record it will fall upon, Chuck D opened up to Billboard a ways back about how everything will meld together into one statement of sorts later this year, citing “One [deals] with the whole movement of people…and the other deals with the situation of everything coming at you at once, like a blizzard.” Which, of course, is what you would expect a dude who wrote an album called It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back to say. Related fact: both of the forthcoming albums were crowd-funded. Therefore, it takes a nation of millions to let them do their thing, as well.