Lil Durk (left), Logic (right); Photo: (left)/N/A (right)

Chicago-born rapper Lil Durk has caught a bit of flack recently for his song “1-(773)-Vulture,” a remix of Logic‘s “1-800-273-8255.” Lil Durk added a gritty spin to the song, and fans have dubbed the remix the “homicide version” for its stark portrayal of gang life.

The controversy started when fans reacted on Twitter calling Durk’s version insensitive to people dealing with suicide. Critics labeled the remix “trash” and said that it was “disrespectful” while others took it in stride calling it an unfiltered analysis of gang violence.

Durk uses the same instrumental and melody, but lyrically he takes an entirely different approach: [LISTEN]

My momma had a dream about me dyin’
I told her that I hope she lyin’
It’s gon’ be a homicide
It’s gon’ be a homicide

It didn’t take long for Durk to respond to his naysayers, unfortunately it didn’t come across as smoothly as he would have hoped. He tweeted, “No disrespect to the suicide people i was talking to the trenches #1773vulture.”

Later Durk took to Instagram looking to remedy the situation, posting a picture of himself with the caption “Texting logic telling him i did the remix for the trenches #1773vulture and i love em.”

There was no ill intent on Durk’s behalf, not for the remix or the tweet. He simply took a dope beat and fresh melody and applied it to his style of rap. The content is widely different and to compare the two songs is unfair.

By acknowledging the fans’ concerns and letting Logic know it’s all love is more than enough to show that no harm was intended.

Listen to the two songs below.