Credit: LDRRising like a PTSD flashback to the contentious beauty of indie-enigma-at-large Lana Del Rey and her debut drop Born to Die earlier this year, the artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant formerly known as May Jailer is following through with that video of “National Anthem” she collaborated with super fan A$AP Rocky, teasing a four-minute clip of the forthcoming 10-minute Anthony Mandler-directed short on her official YouTube channel.

Modeled after Jackie O and JFK’s relationship leading up to that fateful November day in 1963, A$AP plays a chain-smoking version of the president, while LDR takes on a papparazi-assaulted Jackie O, respectively. A$AP Rocky told Pitchfork it’s “Some cool trippy shit, some real 2015 shit.” While LDR’s YouTube channel filled its description box with two words of wisdom: “DOPE CINEMA.”

What we’re calling it: an entertaining (repeated) series of images to LDR’s tawdry lyrical wizardry. “Money is the anthem/God you’re so handsome/Money is the anthem of success,” she coos vacuously into the air, as JFA$AP (stay with us) keeps pulling from that never-ending Swisher Sweet. The pseudo-cover image on her Facebook page censoring her eyes with lyrics is pretty genius, though, no? That’s not such a tired couplet. What’s your favorite LDR lyric, otherwise?