2012’s most contentious breakout phenom, miss Lana Del Rey told the BBC back in January that pre-LDR she was slapped on the ass as a baby as Elizabeth Grant, and had an eponymous debut album floating around leaky parts of the internets dubbed Lizzy Grant, of which she and team LDR are planning to purchase the rights to and re-release this summer.

The internets though, they have revealed a possible leaking of another album. One that may even predate Lizzy Grant. It’s been slathered all over YouTube by a user named “DanndyGarbage,” complete with a portrait study of a cover image, titled Sirens. Above Sirens it says the artist is May Jailer. In the description of the YouTube vid, it says that it’s her “1st studio album.” There are 15 tracks in all.

Whether or not any of this is true, the handful of tracks that we’ve listened to so far paint a likely stark, four-track acoustic picture of coffeeshop verite, showcasing sentiments like “Jesus was a giant man/If he can’t do it no one can” on a track called “Find My Own Way.” Or our personal favorite, “Do you think I’m crazy for considering aviation?” from a song naturally dubbed “Aviation.” This and more, on the intranets! But reader, is it her? Could there be more pseudonyms? What’s your favorite lyrics from some of these purported origin-LDR tracks?