An elderly man sits with his hummels in a nursing home in the latest episode of ‘South Park’, in which Killer Mike can be hear rapping over; Photo: ‘South Park’/Comedy Central

Like many celebrities before him, rapper Killer Mike made a cameo on South Park. And, of course, he raps, as heard on last night’s episode (October 18) titled “Hummels and Heroin.”

The short verse he delivers is all about the injustice of long prison sentences as well as the United States’ entire criminal justice system and the current opioid epidemic.

But there’s a curious twist; Killer Mike is an omniscient senior citizen narrater of sorts — he’s never actually seen — rapping over a montage of elders trapped in a nursing home:

In here nobody knows you by your name

You’re just a number living by the bitch-ass rules of a broken game

They put me here to die and left me angry and alone

For the crime of being old they threw me in this nursing home

Aside from doing “normal” nursing home activities, like knitting and playing cards, the elderly ‘prisoners’ sneak each other prescription pills.

Killer Mike has been a vocal activist in protesting the broken criminal justice policy in the U.S. He even interviewed Senator Bernie Sanders where they discussed issues with the U.S. prison system.

For example, they talked about how felons, in many states, have major issues trying to find employment after serving their sentence. “…Not only can you not go get a job working for a corporation that exploits you, you can’t even be self-employed to produce for yourself because the state doesn’t allow it,” the rapper said.

Meanwhile, Killer Mike isn’t the only rapper fighting the problems of our criminal justice system. Rapper Common  visits inmates in California prisons to converse with and rap for them. He was inspired to do this type of good work after working on the soundtrack for Selma.

“It really pushed me to a new level in wanting to do more,” Common told Trevor Noah on the The Daily Show last year. “I want to do that work.”

Below you can watch the South Park clip featuring Killer Mike: