Kid Rock flips the bird during a performance of his song, ‘Son of Detroit’; Photo: YouTube/Kid Rock/Rob Perkins

Rap-rock ‘Murrica monster abomination Robert James Ritchie, a.k.a. Kid Rock, is still considering his run for Senate. And he’s fuming at those who don’t like that idea, his music, or him in general, according to a letter he posted on his website.

The letter, titled “People! Pay NO attention to the garbage the extreme left is trying to create!,” speaks out against the Civil Rights groups who plan to protest his concerts in Detroit. The protests are in response to his “racist” remarks about Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem.

“My track record in Detroit and Michigan speaks for itself, and I would dare anyone talking trash to put theirs up against mine,” Kid Rock writes. “I am also a homeowner and taxpayer in the city of Detroit, so suck on that too! I am the bona fide KING OF DETROIT LOVE and it makes me smile down deep that you haters know that! Your jealousy is merely a reflection of disgust for your own failures and lack of positive ideas for our city.”

He also calls himself the “son of Detroit” in his outlaw country rip-off song of that name:

I’m a redneck redneck rock-n-roll
Son of Detroit
I don’t like no new wave
Techno bands around
I’m a drink a couple dozen beers
Go out and jam some gears
I’m a long haired redneck rock-n-roll
Son of Detroit

He thinks Detroit-ians think he’s pretty important to their city.

He goes on and on, adding a series of P.S.’s, which include a note about his excitement for the concerts, him pointing out a “fake news” story run by the New York Post, and a random ending of, “P.P.P.P.P.S. I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!”

So what’ll it be Detroit? Where do you stand, should your ‘dozen-beer’ native son actually make a run for the senate?