Another month, another hyped Kanye feat. with a curious production likeness to the self-deprecating string and piano balladry of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This being the anticipated Game show from his forthcoming fifth effort Jesus Piece (December 11), though, the West Coast protege commandeers the pack, making sure all knows how he lets his “nuts hang,” ‘Ye immediately giving a nod to its title-track hook, breezing, “Something like my Jesus piece.” A couple mentor-esque Dre references, a tail-verse from Common and an odd Kurt Cobain suicide allusion later, we have ourselves another peculiar peek into the mind of what this record is all about. Who’s got a bite on what “Jesus Piece,” the song means?” Anti-violence? Pro-violence? Jesus piece the term, of course, being a jewel-studded gun. Consider the hook, and judge:

Mama forgive me cause I’m tryna make a living, hah

Them niggas hatin’ cause that Rose Phantom killing, hah

Niggas shining like they hanging from the ceiling, hah

Me and ‘Ye killing (Something like my Jesus piece, hah)

Lord willin’, I see a billion

‘Til then, I let my nuts hang (Something like my Jesus piece)

Throw them suicide doors up

And let that Holy Ghost swang (Something like my Jesus piece)