Your Song Is A Wonderland:

The Bermuda pop-triangle that is Lana Del Rey just saw a lens put on by John Mayer, the vocally-strained guitarist tossing an instrumental cover of LDR’s breakout brooder “Video Games” up on SoundCloud. Dubbing it “Sounds from Thursday evening” along with the Tumblr annotation “Video Games (dub solo electric) w/Binson Echorec” – an analog echo machine – it’s kind of perfectly haunting, in a contemplative way. Minus the Super 8 imagery. Minus LDR’s lips. Minus the beer-sipping, video game-playing first-world love woe-is-me-lyrics, there is an unabashed melody in there pushing it all along (via the Huffington Post).

At The Sound-Check:

Texas’ post-hardcore comeback crew, At The Drive-In played their first show since their 2001 break-up and 11-year silence-ending tweet, “THIS STATION IS…NOW…OPERATIONAL,” last night in downtown Austin. It was the first of three warm-up shows before heading west to Coachella. And as rumored, didn’t tap into any new material, but rather cherry-picked from their three-album catalogue. Dig on three YouTube finds from the evening for “Quarantined,” “Enfilade,” and “One Armed Scissor” over at Consequence of Sound.

Queen of Reinvention:

Madonna‘s trademark provocateur-ism crown that has earned her such titles as the “Queen of Reinvention” may be cracked for good, as her twelfth album MDNA readies a record-breaking fall-from-Billboard-grace come Tuesday night, shooting down from a 359,000-copy number one week to around 46,000 this next respective chart week. Not that the EDM community is into schadenfreude, but somewhere a Deadmau5 has to be folding his arms with a smile (via Forbes).

Common People: 

In more reunion news, 2011’s banner get-back-together crew, suit-clad brit-rockers Pulp made their return to late night television, paying Jimmy Fallon a visit before a few gigs in NYC and heading out west for a little Coachella soiree. It’s like the mid-90s all over again. Except when frontman Jarvis Cocker sings that bit about “Common People” his swagger has aged like a filthy-complex bordeaux, hand-gesture inflected and all. Dig on their return-to-rockitude performances on the aforementioned “Common People” and an old Bowie-esque soundtrack cut from director Alfonso Cuarón 1998 adaptation of Great Expectations, called “Like a Friend” (via NBC).


Ol’ Blue Eyes, a.k.a. Frank Sinatra, and his daughter, Nancy Sinatra, made chart history with, “Somethin’ Stupid,” the first father-daughter number one song combo on this day in 1967. Frank, as the master phrase-tuner and Nancy, the provocative boot-clad heir, the song did get slapped with a tongue-and-cheek “incest” moniker. But really it’s simply a clever song about that stupid thing called love, with its star-crossed, debonair chorus:

The time is right, your perfume fills my head, the stars get red and, oh, the night’s so blue
And then I go and spoil it all by saying’ something stupid like ‘I love you’