Jennifer Garner raps about motherhood on ‘Ellen’; Photo: ellentube

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and while droves of procrastinators are flocking to the store to get flowers and balloons a few have taken it upon themselves to honor moms in a different way, which is where award-winning actress Jennifer Garner comes into play.

On the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show the mother of three performed a song about the ups and downs of motherhood. At first it’s a gentle ode, a soft folk-inspired song meant to embrace the beauty of child-birth.

Garner sings:

Motherhood is a beautiful thing
It fills your heart with joy and makes you want to sing
But to all the pregnant ladies at the Ellen Show
There’s a few things that you should know

Just as it’s about to get a little too hokey, Garner hits the remix button and breaks out into a rap about the other, less glamorous side of being prego.

In an awkward effort, she raps:

Imagine squeezing something out the size of a watermelon
How much pain is that?
There’ll be a lot of swelling, and breastfeeding ain’t simple
One false move, you got a cracked nipple
You’ll be up all night, groggy all day
Jonesing for a bottle of Chardonnay

While the last thing a person wants to imagine is Jennifer Garner squeezing a watermelon out of her body, it was a refreshing reminder for all the would-be mothers out there to keep a balanced perspective.

“You will get your bodies back. You will get your lives back. You can still travel. You can still have fun,” she told the audience. “You can still go back to work or not. You can breastfeed or not. You will be best friends with your kid and then someday you’re gonna realize you’re actually angry with them and that’s OK. You’re gonna be great because it’s your experience and it’s your baby and it’s your body and it’s gonna happen the way you want it to and you’re starting your families. It’s gonna be beautiful.”

Rap may not be in the forecast for Garner, but at least she still has her sense of humor and is willing to share what she’s learned. Another moment that makes her one of the most likable celebrities around.