Credit: n/aThe 27-club’s most infamously original screamer, Janis Joplin, has been tailed by independent Hollywood for years, as producers and actors and directors have been assembling and dissembling trying to bring the icon’s true tale to the silver screen. The big news this morning Deadline reports, is that Broadway starlet Nina Arianda (Venus In Fur) will play Joplin in the eponymous film that will purportedly start production early next year.

Roll calling all the actresses tied to depicting Joplin – Pink, Zooey Deschanel, Amy Adams and Renee Zellweger have all been on the deciding floor, with the former two pulling weight on this project specifically, and Zellweger and Adams fronting rival projects. While the same juggling has occurred on the production end, but the one that matters here is Peter Newman, an NYU teacher by day, who put together a $20 million budget and secured the exclusive use of 21 essential Joplin tunes.

Newman’s got more aces up his sleeve with further exclusive access to Joplin letters amassed by the singer’s sister Laura in a book called Love, Janis, as well as Rolling Stone reporter David Dalton’s final days project before her death in 1970, dubbed Piece Of My Heart. But let’s just get to drawing out that sentiment as its stand-alone buzzing blues howl self, as things presumably push forward here:

Have another little piece of my heart now, baby, hey
You know you got it, child, if it makes you feel good