So Jack White‘s pissed off at the non-“scientificGuinness Book of World Records peeps for not acknowledging his shortest concert ever submission while on tour back in 2007, in which the then White Stripes front man walked upon a Canada stage, played one note on his guitar, and walked off. Guinness told their side of the story to NME saying “the nature of competing to to make something the ‘shortest’ by its very nature trivializes the activity being carried out,” among other things. And here we are now with an awesome retaliation from Mr. White, aiming for the “most metaphors in a single concert,” and sweet, glorious Guinness recognition. Head over to his Third Man Records site for an avalanche of snarky witticisms explaining the process.


Not since Radiohead‘s King of Limbs has the collective, mass-appreciative music listeners of the world chimed in for a globe-spanning record-listening party, as warriors of atmospheric rock Sigur Ros did last night via their latest record, Valtari. Dubbing the vent “Valtari Hour,” the band encouraged all social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram to hashtag-away their listening experience. A choice tweet example: “I’m sitting with you. Sitting in silence. Listening to birds. It feels like home.” Record shops and radio stations took part, as well. Much of the shared experience here can be attributed to the band’s lyrics – wooly emotional tapestries in Icelandic. Nevertheless, behold the power of the intranets when it’s used correctly. What upcoming record would you like the world to chime into at the same time?

Lady GaGa Immunization Tactic #52:

Good old fashioned protest. This week in GaGa-in-Asia tour news, the AP is reporting that “scores of Christian youths” in the Philippines are protesting the Big Monster, calling for a cancellation of the pop star’s concerts. Their reason: general offensiveness and specific disgust for a song called “Judas,” that the group is claiming mocks Jesus Christ. This in contrast to Lady GaGa Immunization Tactic Numbers 24 and 13, that took place in Indonesia and Korea over the past few weeks. What all these contrarians are failing to remember is that all press is good press. Even when you stop the GaGa from performing, her infamy is something untouchable. And translates immediately to record sales.

Long Hairs:

Never fear, dear wearers of “emo” haircuts, despite an Australian doctor’s condemnation of the style, claiming you can lose vision in the eye that is shaded by fringe-bang-awesomeness, which is like, so emotional, kids, two “top eye experts” from the UK dismissed said Australian condemnation pretty much entirely to NME, citing this caveat: “The visual critical period, where prolonged occlusion of an eye can reduce vision by causing a lazy eye, is up to the age of seven. After that you can cover one ye with an ‘Emo’ haircut with little or no chance of reducing vision in that eye,” stated Professor Robert Scott from the BMI Priory Hospital in Birmingham. So there you have it. Resume the spinning of your Jimmy Eat World records.