Jack Johnson stacks lyric blocks in his new video for ‘My Mind is for Sale’; Photo: Vevo/Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson, the Tom Cruise of music, has released another song, this time focusing on President Donald Trump. The song, “My Mind Is For Sale,” is the first single on his forthcoming album, All the Light Above It Too, which is set to come out September 8.

The song is full of lyrics that cut like sharp scissors through Trump’s orange hair, yet these harsh words come from a California-living, sun-loving, earth-protecting surfer-musician — the paradox is clear.

For example, the first verse includes the lyrics:

I heard the 6 or 7 words he likes to use

Are always in bad taste

And he kept the video indie, shooting it on his iPhone with an animation app. In the stop-motion video, Johnson holds up blocks with lyrics written on them, uses them to build a wall, which he then knocks over as he sings:

I don’t care for your paranoid ‘us against them’ walls

I don’t care for your careless ‘me first, gimme gimme’ appetite at all

“My kids helped me make it,” Johnson told Rolling Stone in reference to the video. “Now their blocks have words written all over them. It was the cheapest video I ever made. $0.”

He said the whole album is about what has been on his mind over the past year.

“A year in which I sailed through the North Atlantic Gyre for a documentary about plastic pollution in the ocean,” he said. “A year in which Trump was elected as the President of the United States. A year in which I camped, surfed, got stitches, explored, dreamed, shared time and endless conversations with my family and friends … all of which inspired these songs.”

All the Light Above It Too is Johnson’s seventh album overall and his first since 2013’s From Here to Now to YouHe recorded this new album in his own studio, the Mango Tree, and is releasing it under his own label, Brushfire Records.